About Us

About E-Commerce Accelerator

We Build, Launch, & Scale E-Commerce Businesses

Whether you are a start-up, retail business who wants to establish an online presence, or a veteran e-commerce business looking for assistance, we are ready for the exciting challenge.

Our Beliefs

Four Pillars of E-Commerce Success

We take pride on helping businesses to grow stores through multiple avenues customized to each industry. Some of our most successful stores have grown 100% organically.

We maximize your online stores profitability through making sure your sales, margins, expenses, and inventory velocity are all running at their optimal levels from day one.

We live in the digital age. An age where technology can either hurt or help us. E-Commerce Accelerator helps to implement technology that will help you without causing aggravation.

Without the right processes in place, it does not matter how much you make, you will struggle. Streamlining your operations will make you and your customers happier.


Meet Our Team

Austin Shission, MBA

CEO & Founder

Steven Rodriguez

IT Specialist